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Re-Dox was born to:


- add minimalism and science into your skincare routine so that you can experience skin health breakthroughs and newfound confidence fuss-free.


- ensure that you are educated about the products you choose and remain informed on ingredients that boost your skin health so that you avoid developing a skincare regimen that can often become unnecessarily complex.


- create products that are boosted with potent active ingredients to maximise results.


At the same time, we ensure that, in manufacturing these products, we remain conscious about our ecological footprint, so we remain ethical and sustainable  (more on this to come! Look out for our Road to Sustainability page). 


The Problem?


Like most great innovations, Re-Dox Skin Lab was born from a problem.


What started as a traditional weekend gathering with family soon turned into a deep delve into the skincare industry.


Family members gathered and watched as Zena (get to know her here) lined up 4 or 5 bottles of serums and creams that formed part of her nightly skin routine.


Then she brought out 2 patches to use under her eye to remove dark circles that had begun to form as she made her way into her 30s.


Jokingly, we counted a whopping 6 STEPS in her routine. For more fun and games (we were in the Covid Lockdown at the time), we started to pull apart labels from her collection as we read out ingredients that we could barely pronounce.


From where some of us were sitting, that felt much more complicated and tedious than it did satisfying and elating.


The Plot Thickens...


As it turns out, so many people we spoke to had the same issue.


The satisfaction that should come from caring for your skin was stolen by the need to spend too much time applying, waiting, rinsing and repeating.


As a curious scientist by nature (that's Belal - meet him here) and a genuinely passionate skincare enthusiast (that's Zena), we began to dwell on what seemed like an endless list of ingredients printed on each of the products she brought out.


The question arose: What on earth are people using and why??


Not much of what we saw made sense – every product was designed to complement another which meant making additional purchases.


In fact, most of the ingredients were not active and, instead, were “filler” ingredients - ingredients used only for bulking, fragrance, and texture (check out what this means here).


It was obvious that, like most of us, we had fallen into the trap of marketing fads and gimmicks designed to condition unknowing consumers into believing that, when it comes to skincare routines, the more products you use, the better.


(Sure, this might be true - but only because every product contains a minimal amount of the active ingredient that actually makes a difference)


Game On.


We were thrilled by the chance to use our expertise in this arena. We were determined to prove to the world that there had to be a more convenient but effective way to care for skin.


In truth, neither of us had high expectations.


In fact, the whole thing began as a bit of a fun challenge.


For Belal - I capitalised on my intimate knowledge of redox biology (the science of antioxidants) to find a way to combine active ingredients into one or two serums to counter the need to use additional products.


For Zena - With only one step in her skincare routine, she got what she needed for what worried her most.




To our surprise, within just three weeks of using the serum, Zena's skin was noticeably healthier. So much so that friends and family were complimenting on how radiant, even and plump her skin was looking.


Wanting to get in on her secret, we soon found ourselves inundated with requests for this miracle skincare creation.


Word Gets Around.


In conversations with people about the serum, we quickly realised that every person had a unique issue when it came to their skin.


The serum met the needs of Zena’s skin concerns; if others could identify what they wanted from their skin products, then there was a way that we could also meet their aims with just one or two serums.


From cleansers to night serums, everyone we spoke with was tired of using multiple products to gain the skin health they longed for.


This bore the idea of multiplexed products - a single product capable of replacing 2-3 others.


Enter Re-Dox Skin Lab.


What we found ourselves with was a sparked passion as we took a deep dive into the world of skincare.


What we discovered on on our journey was eye-opening. We grew to see more and more the need to push the idea of minimalistic yet scientific skincare products into people’s everyday skincare routines.


A year later, this passion project evolved into a business concept, and Re-Dox Skin Lab was born.

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    ASK DR. B

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