At Re-Dox Skin Lab, we take science and nature to the next level.

We do things differently.

Our founder, a redox biologist uses a research-focused approach.

This means we use the latest of scientific research to create new generation unique formulations, paralleled to none.

Our serums are formulated with key scientific concepts of 'Antioxidant
and targeted cellular pathways to boost cell function and for optimal skin health.

When you stock Re-Dox, you stock the very best in advanced scientific

Benefits of partnering with Re-Dox

With us as creators of advanced scientific skincare, and you as the skin health experts, we stand together as architects of this transformation.

Key benefits:

  • Empowerment for you, the clinician - by instilling confidence using highly targeted serums for treatments to align with your clients’ individual skin concerns.

  • Empowerment for them, the clients - by engaging in meaningful dialogue with you about their skin health goals, you are ensuring tailored treatments and boosting their confidence as they leave your clinic with tailored solutions.

  • Strengthen client relationships - by offering personalised products with your clinic name, you are enhancing your clinic’s reputation and reinforcing your own brand awareness with your clients. Trust is built as you walk side by side with them, complemented by the treatments you also offer.

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