Bakuchiol has soothing properties which help to comfort skin and minimise issues associated with sensitivity and reactivity. Bakuchiol upregulates collagen synthesis and youthful enzyme activity within the skin which can improve signs of solar ageing. Much like retinol, bakuchiol can work to increase the skin’s cell turnover, meaning that dryer, older and discoloured skin cells are “shed”, leading the way for fresh, new skin cells to take their place. When coupled with our night serum, bakuchiol is a useful ingredient to prevent drying of the skin.


Squalane is known for its deep moisturising capability, protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Squalane is best used as an ingredient to support the effects of other active ingredients by preventing or treating dryness and maintaining the skin barrier. Squalane contains emollient properties as it forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin hydrated. 

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