Welcome to R-Dox Skin Lab, a flourishing clinical skincare brand driven by the expertise of our founder, Dr. Belal Chami, a renowned redox biologist. At the heart of Re-Dox lies a dedication to scientific research, inspiring the creation of cutting-edge treatments with unique formulations founded on sound scientific principles of skin conditions. 

We believe that skincare should be a straightforward and simple with a minimal routine that accompanies the patients journey from corrective to maintenance treatment for optimal skin health. 

Re-Dox aims to empower clinicians with in-depth knowledge on novel ingredients and how they address skin concerns, enabling them to make well-informed decisions addressing their clients' specific skin indications and treatment needs.

Re-Dox Skin Lab is committed to delivering quality, up-to-date education on antioxidants and their profound impact on skin health for both physicians and patients alike.

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